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Half endeless ring with brilliants and blue shappires
Gold ring with blue shappires
Natural Amethyst 100% in different sizes and shapes
Half-endless ring with brilliants
Fine jewelry quality
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louvresLouvre was founded almost 35 years ago on the same corner of what today is 652 Sarandí passage, Bartolomé Mitre corner, starting with the Antiquities store in general. Being one of the huge in dimensions, in varieties and in amount of selected pieces of art existing in place.
That is the reason for being up to date the obligatory place for tourists to visit coming up to Uruguay and being the best choice for the local market, in the moment of changing your home as your place of work in a warm space and where the pleasure of enjoying will last.
The best choice of the market when you want to sell:
Expert and valuation for antiquities in general and jewellery and brilliants, the best of the market in more than 25 years. That is our principal aim.

We give some advice about your welfare in antiquities in general as well as especially in antique jewels and modern in general and in precious stones, directly with the directors, in international prices and with total and absolutely reserved ness and without any charge.


After that, it annexed with the incorporation of the antique jewellery, the manufacture of modern jewels with exclusive designs "Louvre Jewellery", using the best national manufacture, the best materials and stones of our country, all in 18 K gold with guaranteed quality and the best prices of the market. Place that it is settled down in the same address in 652 Sarandí passage, Bartolomé Mitre corner.


After a shot time, the directors, in addition to count with epoch, Creole silversmith in their collections, with a selected variety of colonial silversmith, annexed the manufacture of modern creole silversmith named "The Emporium of the Bombilla, of the Mate and the Creole Silversmith" , being today the one with the most variety of manufacture in bombillas, mates, knives, grapnels, etc, all of them in silver in each of them. The most important and what it is remarkable, besides the enormous variety, is their best quality with the warranty of 20 years in manufacture, within their prices, where you can acquire the real price of manufacture, if you acquire only one as well. Place that it is settled down in the same address in 652 Sarandí passage, Bartolomé Mitre corner.


On top, this year the enterprise annexed the "Louvre Art Gallery". Where your will find without ANY DOUBT AND WITH THE TOTAL CERTAINTY, not only the most variety of paintings in market, but also the most revolutionary and economic price, NEVER SEEN IT. Where before of buying any painting in case of an illustration sheet as well, you had better consult about our pictures all of them are oil on canvas, with a great variety of themes in Marines, Landscapes, Death Natures with flowers or fruits, Paris' Streets, etc, etc. With their spectacular frames totally made of wood, sculptured, gold least, and ancient tempering coloured, of excellent quality in oils. An enormous variety that you can ask for information in the attention to the client department.
With no doubt this incomparable inauguration as it were, waits for delay, just for recreation and looking at the enormous variety of selected themes. Delight for all visitor to the exhibition.


Louvre Presents is the conjunction of the four places mentioned before, that coordinate in an independent what it is The Present.
As well as to give hierarchy to your studio, surgery, office, or for your own house, or for the simple present for the foreign people who comes, the themes of the Gauchos pictures, the Candombes or the pericones or the moons or the marines, is an excellent option, for its excellent relation-price and specially for what it means the more representative themes of the country.
Another excellent option is when you want to give mates and/or bombillas as presents, which apart from being an excellent representative present for any foreigner, is an excellent present at national level, for all mate drinker, where you will find an enormous variety, of more than 70 models in bombillas, mates, etc. The best quality and at real manufacture prices in case you only get one unit as well.
Another option, very showy, is that of the ornaments. They have permanently special sales, where the most tentative besides the fine taste of the variety of articles, it is once more its principal attraction, the lowest prices.

What better distinguish us from the others, is the optimal advice that you count directly from the directors and the kind staff, absolutely professional, highly specialized and actualised, a result of the acquired experience during all these years of uninterrupted permanence.
A selected patronage from all over the world vouches so.
For better attention to our customers, and for the information about the cuidest variety of products and services that makes a wide spectrum catalogue we have the ATTENTION TO THE CLIENT DEPARTMENT.

Contact Us

  • Sarandi 652 Esq. Bartolome Mitre
  • CP: 11000
  • Tel. (598) - 2916 26 86
  • Tel. (598) - 2916 26 87*
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Montevideo - Uruguay

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