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About Us

43 years of experience.

About Us

Louvre was founded 43 years ago and since 1978 was located in the best point of the Old Town in Montevideo city at one block of Independence Square focal and emblematic point of the city, starting its trajectory as and Antique Store in general being since then one of the largest in dimensions, in variety and quantity of selected fine objects of art and antiques existing in the local market place.

Is for this reason that until today it still remains the place of obligatory visit of all tourists of foreigners who arrives to Uruguay, being also the best option for the local market in the time to transform your home as well as your workplace in a warm space where it is a pleasure to enjoy the beauty of beautiful and valuable pieces that last over time.


Jewelry Store

A little bit later it is anexed what it is the “Louvre jewelry store” with fine antique jewels, manufacture of modern jewels in 18 K gold or 925 silver with exclusive designs using the best national craftsmen, the best materials and uruguayan
traditional stones with quality guarantee and with the best prices of the local market as well as imported jewelry of attractive design.



We have the best Collection of Geodes, never seen before in the world.

We provide to our customers a collection of high-end geodes, maintaining market prices, with the difference of a unique and verifiable quality. By buying our stones, you are buying directly in the quarry and at quarry prices.

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    How to choose a Geode Stone?

    Special attention should be paid to the colors ranging from light pink to deep violet, since as deeper is the shade of violet the greater is the energetic power of the stone. Also must be consider the sizes and shapes of the peaks, since the larger of their size and the more varied the shapes, the quality of the stone increases.

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    Why to have an Amethyst Geode in your home, office or company?

    It transmutes the negative energy or negative thoughts into positive ones. Calm the excessive emotions such as distress, fears, stress, nerves or anxiety.
    It fosters abundance and progress. Fight insomnia, regulating sleep and improving rest. It promotes positive energy and stimulates stagnant energy.
    Protect travelers. It stimulates concentration in study and learning by enhancing memory.

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    Why are geodes stones so used?

    They are very important for the Buddhist religion and for Feng Shui where they are considered as the basic and essential remedy to attract and maintain prosperity.

Art Gallery

Is in our art gallery where you will find WITHOUT ANY DOUBT AND WITH TOTAL CERTAINTY, not only the greatest variety of paintngs in the local market, but the most revolutionary and economical price, NEVER SEEN in oil on canvas with varied themes such as marinas, landscapes, death nature with flowers and fruits, streets of Paris, romantic scenes; with frames entirely made in carved wood gilded to the leaf with antique patinated.


Purchase of Antiques and Antique Jewelry

  • Expertise, advice and valuation for antiques in general, jewelry and brilliants; a person with more than 43 years of experience in the field will advise you with responsibility and dedication.
  • We advise on all your assets both in antiques in general and especially in ancient and modern jewelry and precious stones, handling international prices and absolutely with total reserve and without charge

Gifts, Opportunities and Bazaar

Louvre Gifts is a service that independently coordinates all the aforementioned to advise you to find “The Gift” both to prioritize your studio, office or office and for your home or to entertain family, friends, partner or professional or business contacts for the excellent value for all our products.
In the Bazaar area we permanently have special offers, where the most tempting in addition to the fine taste of the variety of items are the very attractive and competitive prices.

What most distinguishes us from the others, is the highly specialized and updated optimal advice, product of the experience acquired in all these years of uninterrupted permanence in the market.

For better attention to our customers, for information on the widest variety of products and services that make up a wide spectrum catalog, we have a